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Is your heart yearning to step away from the city hustle-and-bustle? Visit Frans Indongo Lodge and step into the calmness and silence of the Namibian Savanna, surrounded by scents of grass and acacias.

Situated approximately 43 km from Otjiwarongo, Namibia – Frans Indongo Lodge is the ideal stop when travelling between Windhoek and Etosha National Park or the Caprivi.


Frans Indongo Lodge offers 14 Rooms and Chalets, with a stylish African Interior Design inspired by the Namibian Ovambo culture. Each room and chalet is fitted with its very own bathroom, air conditioning, fridge, and more. Visit Accommodation for more information.

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Truly Namibian Ambiance

The Frans Indongo Lodge Terrace is the ideal setting for a leisurely ending to an eventful day, allowing you to enjoy a chilled drink while soaking up the reflection of spectacular hues of red over the sandstone rocks of the Waterberg Plateau on the side of the thorn bush savanna.

Truly Namibian cuisine

A relaxing restaurant is available on the Frans Indongo Lodge premises, allowing you to start your day with a scrumptious breakfast, enjoy a slice of cake for teatime – or indulge in truly Namibian cuisine in the evenings.

All of the meals prepared fresh and from scratch, using locally sourced produce, ensuring that you experience the wonders of Namibian food.

Swimming Pool & Other Activities

After a long day in the Savanna Bush veld, you can bath in the sun whilst relaxing on the Sundeck at the Swimming Pool – watching a succession of Sable Antelope, Black Springbok and Nyala quench their thirst at the nearby watering hole.

During the day, you can explore various parts of the Lodge and surroundings with the various activities available at the Frans Indongo Lodge.

Your hosts at Frans Indongo Lodge

The hosts at Frans Indongo Lodge are Astrid and Alf Walter. Astrid, a qualified Hotel Manager, was born on a farm near Kamanjab; Alf is a restaurant specialist and comes from Dresden in eastern Germany. Both, Astrid and Alf, have trained in renowned hotels in Germany and gained further experience in Switzerland before settling in Namibia.

Dr. Frans Indongo

The Frans Indongo Lodge was named after its owner distinguished businessperson, Dr. Frans Indongo.

Dr. Frans Indongo, a subsistent farmer’s son, went from attending livestock on his father’s farm to becoming one of the wealthiest men in Namibia.

Born in Northern Namibia in 1936, Dr. Frans Indongo chose to attend a mission school of his own accord. At the age of 20, Dr. Indongo became a Migrant Working in Walvis Bay. With hard work and extreme thriftiness, Dr. Indongo was soon able to buy a sewing machine and set himself up as a Tailor.

Back home, at the time Ovamboland Homestead, Dr. Indongo started trading with all sorts of consumer goods, setting up Supermarkets in various locations in the North.

In 1990, when Namibia gained Independence, Dr. Frans Indongo invested into numerous other business sectors employing approximately 1,400 staff. Dr. Indongo still keeps a firm grip on his Business Empire.

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